Workshop Schedule

New Day, New Way!
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Marsh Creek Park Community Center
3050 N New Hope Road, Raleigh, NC 27604
10:30am to 1:00pm

Can We Do It Standing Up First?

Presented by Angela Harvey, Raleigh, NC | 10:30pm-12noon | An engaging workshop that we empower each participant to consider the ways we can stimulate and make love in our relationships … standing up or sitting down.  We’ll discuss and debate the pros, cons and myths about transparency, respect, honest communication, trust, ...

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You Can Depend on You

Presented by SharRon Jamison, Lawrenceville, GA  |  12:30PM | Room A2 The workshop examines ways in which being the unaccepted "other" creates spiritual, emotional and physical wounds that paralyze and stifle people. The workshop will share 5 ways to start/continue the healing journey to emotional wellness and self-empowerment and will provide ...

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Be Still & Know That You Are

Presented by Tanya White , Raleigh, NC  |  3:00PM  | Room A1 Be Still & Know  that You Are   Close your eyes. Take a full breath. Feel that? That sense of peace and stillness? Yes, there may also be racing thoughts present, but right behind the noisiness of your mind, is the ...

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Say My Name Butch, Futch, Stud, Dom. Diva Swag etc. & The Women Who Love Them ~ Paradigm Shift

Presented by Ed (aka Eddie) Swan, Durham, NC  | 11:30 AM | Room A1 Say My Name Butch, Futch, Stud, Dom. Diva Swag etc. & The Women Who Love Them ~ Paradigm Shif The 21st Century has brought with it "New Labels" or "No Labels" for Lesbian AG's and the women who ...

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Managing Your Career and Building Skills

Presented by: Stan Kimer, Raleigh, NC   | Time: 1:00Pm | Room A1 Workshop Description:  Managing Your Career and Building Your Skills  Most of us spend a large portion of waking hours working in our profession.  Therefore, it is critical that you align your career with your interests and your talents.  In this ...

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How to Survive a Spiritual Pit Stop

  Presented by:  Minister Renair Amin, Brooklyn, NY | 11:30am | Room A2 At the conclusion of this workshop, one should feel better equipped in dealing with the "pauses" in life as well as understand the dynamics of a well balanced support system. Learning Objectives: Understanding one's responsibility around daily living (Driving 101),  ...

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